Total Alkalinity Titrator

Model AS-ALK3

There are several general-purpose acid-base titrators available commercially. The Apollo SciTech® AS-ALK3 is one that truly automates the Gran titration procedure, including controlling the titration and standardization procedures and the calculation of the final result.

AS-ALK3 is designed for both laboratory and shipboard use with small sample volume (25 mL) and high precision (0.1% or better). The titrator is fully automated with standardization and sample analysis. AS-ALK3 provides Gran titration for alkalinity determination of both seawater and brackish waters. Full temperature control is provided on all liquids. Water jackets are used to surround the digital syringes for temperature control. For best data quality, a water bath must be used to supply water with a constant temperature to control the titration temperature.

The Total Alkalinity Titrator system, model AS-ALK3.


  • Precision: ± 1 – 2 µmol/kg
  • Sample Volume: 25 mL
  • Time: ~ 8 minutes per titration
  • Software: Apollo SciTech software included
  • Communication: RS 232, USB
  • Power Supply: Universal (100 – 240 V)
  • Environment: Land and shipboard laboratories